My fanfics and stories


The Dark Crystal:

The Wild One: My very first Dark Crystal erotica fanfic. Not as good as my Ajari Chronicals works, but I'm putting it up here for nostalgic reasons. M/F,F/M+,AU,OC,Oral,COMPLETE


The Dark Crystal: Ajari Chronicals

Birth:Two stories are made as one. The Skeksis learn about a new prophecy in a new world , while two teens from two different clans fall in love and are banished because of this. M/F, Teen, AU/AR, Preg, Oral, Death COMPLETE


Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied: Alternate Ending: (NEW) An altenate ending to one of my favorite manga series. What if Lucy/Nyuu (aka Kaede) came back? What would happen if she would snap again? May be slightly OoC, but that was unintentional. R&R please. Abuse,Angst,AU/AR,COMPLETE,Death,F/F,H/C,Inc,Language,N/C,Oneshot,Tort,Violence,WAFF


Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy VI: Addio Alla Carne:(Based of the Japanese version) Cefca is tired of the heroes prevailing and vows revenge. Snuff, Deathfic,Guro/Gore, Herm, Language,OC,Anal,Bond,BP,D/s,Humil,N/C,Tort,AU, COMPLETE

Final Fantasy VII: Jenova's Revenge: Jenova is now fully ressurected and wants revenge on her fallen kin. Snuff,Guro/Gore,Deathfic, Language,OC,M/F/F,Yuri,F/F/F,Bi,Anal,B-Mod,BP,DP,FemDom,N/C,SoloF,Tent,Tort,Toys,Xeno,AU,COMPLETE


Fraggle Rock

More than “Just Friends”: (One Shot) Red has a question for Mokey that will surprise her. F/F, PWP,WAFF,FemSlash,Furs,COMPLETE


Rudra no Hihou/Treasure of the Rudras

Surlent's Agony :(NEW) What if Surlent didn't die such a quick death on the fourth day? Guro/Gore, Snuff,Anal,AU/AR,BDSM,Bi,Bond,BP,CBT,COMPLETE,Death,Dom,F/M/M,Humil,N/C,Scat,Tort,Violence, Yaoi(!)

Sarasu's Spells : It may have been a while since Surlent's party has defeated Sarasu, but she also has some tricks up her sleeves as well. ] M/F, Femdom, Oral, COMPLETE


Valkyrie Profile

Lucio Gets Killed and Stays Dead : Frey and Freija get fed up with Lucio and they decide to do something about him. *NOTE: This is based of the JP version* Snuff,Guro/Gore,Deathfic M/F/F,FemDom,Humil,N/C,Oral, COMPLETE


Soul Calibur

Jigoku: After she dies, Tira gets sent to Hel's lair for punishment. Guro/Gore, F/Futa, Abuse,Anal,Angst,Anthro,BDSM,Beast,B-Mod, COMPLETE,Death,Dom,DP,HJ,Humil,Language,M/F,N/C,OC,Other,Preg,Scat,Slave,Tent,Tort,Toys,Violence NO FLAMES ALLOWED, PLEASE REVIEW!

If you want to do fanart on any of my stories and fanfics, let me know I'd be more than happy to see what you can do.