Guest art

RULES (Please read carefully before joining!):

1. Thou Shalt Not Post Lolicon(little girls),Shota(little boys) or Beastiality involving regular animals (fantasy creatures and monsters do NOT count under this). At least have them hit puberty or sexually mature. Therefore, no pre-puberescent children or regular animal sex involved.

> Other than no pre-puberescent sex or regular beastiality, every other fetish is allowed. Go wild, push the envelope!

2. Thou Shalt Not Flame the artists or put down their artwork. If you are caught flamming I will post it up on a hatemail section (if one ever gets made), so everyone can read your jackass remarks.

3. Thou Shalt Post Warnings. If your post contains stuff that might be offensive to some people (pretty much anything other than traditional oral, anal, or vaginal sex), please let people know. Not everyone likes to see scat or guro/gore pics, so it's just courteous to warn them. ^_^

4. Thou Shalt be 18 years or older. No underaged artists allowed!

Well, here's the guest art, enjoy.


WARNINGS: Some pics contains BDSM, Guro, Pregnancy.

Jenova's Puppet



WARNINGS: Some pics contains BDSM, Furry, Guro, Inflation, Pregnancy, Tentacles


WARNINGS: Contains mostly furry content


WARNINGS: Contains some anthro content

Vanja herself

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